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HASTAC III: Visit to the Intermedia Gallery at Krannert Art Museum

As part of the HASTAC III: Traversing Digital Boundaries Conference, a group of conference participants were allowed a special glimpse of the current exhibitions at the Intermedia/  CANVAS gallery at the Krannert Art Museum at UIUC. It was a kinetic, fast-paced tour of an exhibition of works from members of the group blog Grand Text Auto. Led by Damon Loren Baker (Art, Design, and Technology Curator at the Intermedia Gallery) and accompanied by Nick Montfort (Digital Media, MIT/ Grand Text Auto), the tour brought up a lot of interesting questions about traversing the boundaries of form and reception, in writing and in the museum space.

Here's a look into our journey in the Intermedia Gallery:

Nick Montfort was available to give context for the projects on exhibition, in the video excerpt below he talks about the aims of Grand Text Auto. 

Damon Baker also spoke about his curatorial choices with the Intermedia Gallery and how Grand Text Auto fits in.

The group was also able to enjoy a good amount of time playing Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern's Facade, a one-act narrative. This playable interactive drama provides some delightfully awkward exchanges.


The exhibition will be up until July 26th. Do visit! The CANVAS will be up soon and thanks for Damon and Nick for the great tour! Also, check out Nick's detailed post at Grand Text Auto about the exhibit. 


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