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Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hello everyone!!!  My name is Matthew and I am new to the HASTAC community.  I am currently a graduate student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  My focus is on Global Development and Emergent Systems (how simple components give rise to complex systems that exist with unique properties not possessed by the simple components).  

Some of my areas of interest include: Open Source Software; Biology; Global Development; Complexity; Political Systems (especially China and East Asia); Cycluras (an endangered genus of West Indian Rock Iguanas); Neuroscience (and the neurology behind moral decision making); and of course, Writing!

I subscribe heavily to the philosophy that the world we live in - one with imaginary borders, corporate domination, and socioeconomic handicaps - is not the world we ought to be living.  I believe that we are living with a 17th century system that prepares us in no way to combat the challenges that the world faces within the 21st century.  It is my goal in life to due my part in breaking down these imaginary lines and bring the world together as much as I can. 

I look forward to getting to know you all!



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