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Hello, fellow HASTAC scholars,


My name is Tatiana Servin and I am a graduate student pursuing a Master of Arts degree in English Literature and Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Chapman University. I received my B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Human Services from California State University Fullerton. My academic interests have seemed to somewhat converge with the help of the digital humanities as I am interested in the capabilities of social media and other digital technologies to merge, assist, enhance, and influence new and existing forms of creative writing, especially in poetry.


My thesis is a collection of poetry with a single narrator who travels through subjectivity and experiences a bit of an ego death all while continuing to make sense of the world as it exists as text. I would like to collaborate with fellow HASTAC Scholars in discussing the implications of digital technologies such as hypertext, social media, and digital coding in the creation of new literature specifically with but not limited to poetry. To that end, I would like to research and discuss new methods of creating bodies of work as it relates with the writer and reader experience in order to further expand the possibilities of E-Literature.


When I am not working on my thesis, I am searching for others who are experimenting with digital technologies in creating poems and literature. Prezi poems have been an interesting side research project of mine, as I think there is much to be said about the infinite use of white space, and depth in black words. A new medium can often define new formats, and I am very much interested in exploring this further. In my own experience, the medium of Prezi has created new types of questions for me while creating a body of work. In Prezi, words carry weight and physical dimension, tone can be expressed in a zoom in or out feature. With that said, I’ve found that I am negotiating with myself what types of features will enhance the work without making the work a kind of gimmick.


I am also looking forward to dropping into blogs outside of this scope, as I think this forum contains many loosely interconnected threads of information.





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