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The Next Big Thing

I have been asked by the Simpson Center for the Humanities to report on the presence of the digital humanities at this years convention and I thought that HASTAC would like to hear what is going on as well. All well, I will be reposting my entries on the Washington MLA blog here. 

While there is certainly interest in DH generally, the place DH takes at this year's conference is particularly interesting following last year's surge of attention. As William Pannapacker wrote in summary of MLA 2010, "Among all the contending subfields, the digital humanities seem like the first "next big thing" in a long time, because the implications of digital technology affect every field." So, of course, the question I will be in some small part trying to answer is whether or not digital humanities continues to look like "the next big thing." 

This year, Mark Sample reports that there are 40+ panels on digital humanities topics. I will be attending and tweeting(@twel) at one or more sessions per day, following up with a summary post. In addition to sessions, I am interested in how digital humanities are being practiced at the convention. So, I hope to have a post here and there about how digital technologies are augmenting or participating in this week's events.

That's all for now. I will have another post soon introducing the session I am attending this afternoon. Let me know if there is anything you all are particularly interested to know about what is happening at MLA and I'll see if I can search it out. You can track our conversations by following us on twitter @uwmla2011 or the entire MLA twitter feed with the hashtag #MLA11. 



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