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Ergodicity in Literature: A Query

I came upon Espen J. Aarseth's definition of "ergodic literature" via Katherine Hayles en route to pursuing study of Beckett's difficult oeuvre. So its definition as literature whose reading requires "nontrivial effort" seemed appropriate. The difficulty of such literature has been compared to hypertextuality and the need to make decisions constantly as one is reading--decisions about which link to click, which narrative or interpretive path to take, and so forth. However, since I'm interested in viewing Beckett through the lens of the theory (theories) proposed by the cyberneticists (Wiener, Shannon, etc.) working during early to mid C20, I've since come upon the term "ergodic" used in a more statistical sense. Are there any Aarseth scholars out there who could point me in the direction of a thread of scholarship (if any exist) that has connected the concepts of "nontrivial effort" to its more stochastic definition?


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