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Surviving College after Spring Break


   I have found through experience motivation to complete assignments after returning from spring break has become rather difficult for students. Students generally become distracted and have other things on their minds then what presentation is due next week, or when their next test will be. College unlike high school is a place where students must initiate motivation. As a college student if you are not self-motivated then why even go to college in the first place. Going to college is a student’s choice to better themselves, and receive a higher education.

    Although college is a student’s choice it is understandable for a student to feel unmotivated after break. It is as if we get a quick glimpse of summer and then we are thrown back into reality, at least for a couple more months. Not only do the students struggle with self -motivation, but faculty can also struggle with motivating the students as well. After reading the article “Motivation after Spring Break” published on Duquesne University’s website I have found some useful tips for college students and faculty members as they return from spring break.

   As I stated earlier in my post motivation is key. Robert Leamnson says, “Motivation is a factor that both students and faculty must nurture”. Tips for faculty include things like varying your teaching style, devoting part of a class to address and review major issues covered so far, and even something as simple as showing a video.  I feel that the tips given to students in this article are so useful and beneficial that is only to your advantage to read them. The tips for students include things such as prioritizing assignments, developing alternative study places, and hooking up with fellow students to study. As we slowly inch towards summer, and the thought of freedom is in the back of our minds, we must keep the thought of motivation as our main priority. As long as the motivation remains there is no reason a student cannot succeed.



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