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Ammo and Education?

   Learning requires your brain, proper classroom materials, and the will to learn more. Guns are not on this list. Universities should not allow students and faculty to carry guns on campus. Allowing guns in the learning environment is like providing fuel to ignite a flame. Guns in the school atmosphere would not only make students paranoid, but also frightened for their safety. Students go to college prepared for an education, not a shoot out. Students attending larger universities can pay upwards of 20,000 dollars in the course of their education. Included in that fee should be protection by the campus security. Many colleges are in busy cities with higher crime rates, this means that the possibility of gun related incidents happening outside of the campus are eminent. Based on the second amendment students have the right to protect themselves by barring arms, however; the need for a weapon on the school campus should not be there. Campus security is there so that students have a feeling of security and can focus on their studies. The threat of guns on a school campus only proposes one more thing for students to have anxiety about. Most students are already worried about passing classes, exams, living up to their parents standards, living on their own, a job if they have one, and future student loan debt. In a survey called “The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2010” more than 200,000 incoming full time students at four year colleges were involved. Of that 200,000 only 52 percent said that their mental health was above average. This means that 48 percent of that 200,000 were mentally unstable. There is only so much that a person can handle at one time, and although college is a big maturation point for many people it can also be one of the most stressful times of their lives. Seung- Hui Cho faced all of these factors a normal college student might face. Unfortunately he had a gun with him on school property and he snapped. He shot and killed 32 people and wounded another 17 at Virginia Tech College. Cho was mentally unstable. If guns were allowed on campus the odds of someone else in the same mental state committing the same type of crime would be fairly high. The stress a student faces is crazy enough, adding a gun into this equation is absolutely insane.    


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We all want to be safe, and we all want to go to school and see our kids go to school in peace. However, banning guns from schools will not change school safety. In the example of Hui Cho, he brought two illegally concealed firearms to a school that banned firearms on their grounds. He was also deemed mentally ill over a year before, where many laws have been passed since then to expand background checks on gun purchases, covering the mentally ill to a greater level, and prevent access to legal firearms.

According to the New York Times,, there was a similar case at the Appalachian School of Law. A man named PeterOdighizuwa, murdered two faculty members and one student leaving three others injured. He was diagnosed with the same illnesses, but was stopped quickly. That was due to three students who had their guns in their vehicles. They went and retrieved them after they heard the shots, and were able to get Odighizuwa to drop his weapon and they put him under citizen’s arrest.  Imagine if they were allowed to carry their guns with them. Instead of heading to the car maybe they could have stopped him before he injured those three others or killed the woman in the hall.

As for the safety, there are many people like Brent Tenney who was interviewed on NBCnews, Tenney stated that he feels better knowing that if there is an issue he has his weapon. He is not alone, it stated that students and faculty both feel safer knowing they, or others, have concealed weapons in case of an emergency.