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App Development Underway

Mobile Pie have been working hard but also having a lot of fun building the iPhone app for Ecobugs. The process has been made a lot easier by Steve's great wireframes and assets. I thought I'd attach some screenshots of progress so far...


The splash screen.

Loading screen

Finding some bugs... the app uses the camera feed on the device, and recognises the black and white marker on the desk as a nest location. This is the cue to overlay some great bug action over the camera. The bugs will only be seen when the marker is in view, so the players will have to track it down! I particularly like the transparent slug which looks great with the real world view visible behind it!

AR Nest finder

Once some bugs have been found, it's time to capture. First step is to choose a good bait which will attract the bug you want.

Bait select

Then play the waiting game - when this beetle is in the red zone, the user can close the trap using the touch-screen by swiping their finger over the lid. But be careful because movements of the phone or loud noises are detected by the phone's accelerometer and microphone respectively, and scare off the bug!


And if all goes to plan...



Hope these are whetting your appetite for the game. Coming up soon will be the Aliens-style radar screen which uses the device's GPS and Compass capabilities to navigate the player to nest areas. It's great to use the powerful technology that modern phones possess to provide something intuitive and entertaining.



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