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Living through the Revolution #BlackLivesMatter

Thomas Lada

English 161W



            The recent uproars against the leaders of our country aren’t signs of hatred, but rather a cry for help. Police brutality has recently been taken to another level, and as a result of the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and many more African Americans, many believe that the discrimination of race has come into play. The new art of protest involves similar tactics to those used in the past, but with new technology, it has made it more advanced and allows more people, young and old, to be a part of the movement. We the people, use the #BlackLivesMatter phrase as a radical call for revolution in our evolved protests to eliminate racial inequality.

            The #BlackLivesMatter trend was introduced after Trayvon Martin was shot dead by George Zimmerman, and later was acquitted of all charges. This caused a lot of drama because many believe that Zimmerman should’ve been put into jail because Martin wasn’t guilty of doing anything illegal or dangerous. As the time went by more African Americans (notable names include, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray) were being harmed and killed by the law enforcement of our country and now, there are millions of people supporting the #BlackLivesMatter cause which is to end the behavior of racial inequality. When learning, we usually learn of things that took place in the past, but this revolution for racial justice going on in the U.S. is something that we are living through and will be talked about in the future. The fourteenth amendment grants equal protection under the law to anyone, black or white, if they’re citizens of the U.S. Unfortunately it still does go on in todays time, whether it be from a political leader, law enforcer, or just another citizen. You could only hope to think that a person with a racist mindset can learn from our nations past and realize what a mistake it is.

            The revolution for racial justice has intrigued all men and women, even young or old. With our new technology, the youth has become more involved with the movement through social media sites, such as twitter. The #BlackLivesMatter trend is one of the most talked about on the website, and releases important news information to those who support the idea of equality between people no matter what race. We’ve learned in history how the push for change was through protests and they are being used today with the #BlackLivesMatter phrase on billboards, t-shirts, hats, etc. Many peaceful protests go on in support of the movement. Protests marching, picketing, and writing letters to political leaders, is just some forms of demonstration we use in order to enforce the revolution. With our new technology and innovation it has definitely advanced the ‘art’ of protest, because it has given those who wish to join the movement, a better way to spread the word and convince others to join.

            Although the movement for racial justice has been an ongoing task, it’s very frustrating that the fourteenth amendment, giving equality to all, isn’t being followed. Some people have definitely spoken their minds about the riots/protests in Ferguson, and as of recent Baltimore have been very dangerous. Rioting is a very unorthodox and destructive form of protest against something, but the people are acting this way out of sheer frustration. The citizens’ peaceful protests have been ignored, so they create chaos so the leaders of the country know that they demand change. It does lead to dangerous situations but at this point that’s what they believe it will take to get a response from the political leaders.

            The #BlackLivesMatter movement is based on trying to bring our country together and reestablish a proper justice system where everyone is given the same treatment no matter the race. I believe the protests/riots won’t stop until there is action taken, so it is only a matter of time for change that we the people have been asking for. Each day more supporters for #BlackLivesMatter come together in order to strive for that goal, whether it be silent protests or riots. It is all for the same reason and its just a matter of time where the government knows they can’t let the behavior continue on any longer. It is sad to think that the only way to get our nations leaders attention is by destroying cities and creating chaos. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is one that will be talked about in the future, and maybe someone someday will ask what you were doing during this time of revolution. Law enforcement or the government can’t stop what started off so small, it has grown so drastically and it won’t stop until the people are given what they’ve been asking for.



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