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Hello HASTAC Scholars!

My name is Tracey Hayes, and I’m a fourth year PhD student at Arizona State University (Tempe, Arizona) in the Rhetoric, Composition, & Linguistics program. My research interests include social media/networks (in particular Twitter), publics and counterpublics, and digital literacies. One of my projects examines how Twitter functions within the public sphere, and how tweets can foster deliberation and engage in the use of critical rational discourse. I’m also interested in the use of Twitter as a rhetorical space for public protest.

My background blends together studies in English with work experience in technology. I studied Communications/Media as an undergraduate and my master’s degree was in English with an emphasis in literacy, technology, and professional writing. In between those two degrees I gained my technical skills, primarily in web application and web design. My teaching experience includes professional writing, online courses in Multimedia and Technical Writing as well as first year composition courses. Since my interests include both the technical and the humanities, I see the HASTAC community as a great place to learn and further develop my skills in both areas.

I’ve recently delved into big data within Twitter and would love to discuss other scholars’ projects in this area (best practices, accessing historical data). Looking forward to a productive year with everybody!


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