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Greetings HASTAC Community

It's wonderful to make your acquaintance!

I write this post from a research room on the 4th floor of the University of Iowa main library. I am an ABD graduate student in the Classics Department here--just began my dissertation this semester. For those of you who don't know, Iowa City is a wonderful place to live. The weather's not always great, but the literary culture is fantastic, being home of the Iowa Writer's Workshop, the #1 creative writing program in the country for poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

I hail from California, grew up in Chico and did my undergraduate work at the University of California, Davis. There I developed a keen interest in Ancient Greek literature and philosophy, which continues to the present day. In partcular, I have come to love Plato's dialogues. My dissertation combines my interest in philosophy and morbid things, as I look at Ancient Greek attitudes towards death and approaches to coping with mortality.

Digital humanities is something relatively new to me. A few summers now I've worked on a project digitizing inscriptions for my dissertation adviser Paul Dilley, who is developing a database called Early Christian Inscriptions of Egypt and Nubia. For my dissertation, I will be performing macroanalysis on epigraphical evidence to try and get at non-elite attitudes.

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to share and collaborate with other HASTAC scholars with similar interests.


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