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We here at Digitial On-Ramps have our first High School interns working for us over the summer, helping us with the project and connecting to the students in their respective schools for the upcoming year. It's great to get their imput and we wanted to share with you some of their first thoughts about badging and our project:


Hey there, my name is Alexandre , I go to Samuel S. Fels High School in Philadelphia and I am currently in the 10th grade going on 11th. So far this summer I been interning for Digital On-Ramps. Its a really cool project where using computers and mobile devices are actually helping you learn. I always thought that was a cool idea , dumping the old and getting in with the new. I think that this program would really open a lot of doors for students all over Philadelphia. All you need is a phone or a computer and you’re good to go. Its simply just made everything clearer and easier for everyone. Instead of going through the hassle of looking for colleges, they can find you. Instead of going through the difficulty to find a summer job, having a few badges would allow the employers to go look for you. Its just so .....SIMPLE.

I wish this idea would’ve been thought of already. So far  I like working  with the people that help create this program. Getting a chance to meet the  mayor’s wife is a once in a lifetime for  some such as myself. I have a cool partner and we get along just fine although at times it’s hard brainstorming ideas that we could give to help this program but its worth it. As a first job I say this is the best anyone could have, being part of  a national initiative is pretty awesome. 


Hi my name is Eddie, I'm 17, and a upcoming senior at Roxborough High School. For my internship, I am helping to develop a program called Digital On-Ramps. Thus far, my internship has been a bit challenging but ,i know the hard work will pay off when Digital On ramps is the next big thing!

Throughout my internship with digital on-ramps, i believe that digital on-ramps is a great up coming program. From my understanding, this program is a new and improved way to organize your lifetime achievements into a digital portfolio, and be rewarded for them. Digital on-ramps not only keeps record of your achievements ,but you earn badges , in which can help you do many things such as getting credits for school or getting a job.


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