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Social Media Literacies - Class with Howard Rheingold

Social Media Literacies

Instructor: Howard Rheingold

Stanford Winter Quarter 2014

Mondays, 11:15-2:05

Course Description:


Today’s personal, social, political, economic worlds are all affected by digital media and networked publics. Viral videos, uprisings from Cairo to Wall Street, free search engines, abundant inaccuracy and sophisticated disinformation online, indelible and searchable digital footprints, laptops in lecture halls and BlackBerries at the dinner table, twenty-something social media billionaires, massive online university courses — it’s hard to find an aspect of daily life around the world that is not being transformed by the tweets, blogs, wikis, apps, movements, likes and plusses, tags, text messages, and comments two billion Internet users and six billion mobile phone subscriptions emit. New individual and collaborative skills are emerging. This course introduces students to both the literature about and direct experience of these new literacies: research foundations and practical methods to control attention, attitudes and tools necessary for critical consumption of information, best practices of individual digital participation and collective participatory culture, the use of collaborative media and methodologies, and the application of network know-how to life online. Contrasting perspectives are offered in the readings and explored through classroom and online discussion. In each three hour class, the instructor will lecture for approximately one half hour, student project teams will present and facilitate discussion about mindmaps, learner lectures, and the lexicon for approximately one half hour, students will engage in group activities for about an hour, and instructor will facilitate full class discussion for about an hour. Students actively collaborate and cooperate in their learning during and between classes through small group discussions, collaboration t ams, and face to face exercises, forums, blogs, mindmaps and wikis.


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It's interesting how far social media has impacted our society both in terms of advertisement and raising awareness on social issues. I feel that this course would make the power of social media clear and enable the students to utilize it to its maximum potential.