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April HASTAC discussion on -empyre- soft-skinned space

Those of you who enjoyed HASTAC Peru might have returned wearing one of the -empyre- buttons that Renate and I distributed to celebrate this month's discussion topic, "Critical Making in an International Context." Throughout the month, and still with a few days to go, we have featured various members of the HASTAC communities in a discussion of international 'critical making' that dialogues with the HASTAC Peru theme.  You can still subscribe to -empyre- via our webpage:


If you are not an -empyre- subscriber, and unable to follow this month's fascinating discussion, you can access the archive of the discussion, April 2014, at : 


We hope that that those of you are new to -empyre- will continue to join in conversation during our monthly focused discussion topics.


It was a thrill for us to meet so many of you in Lima.  And many, many thanks to Kevin Franklin and the entire HASTAC team for making the event possible.




Tim Murray


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