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Eyebeam/Mozilla Open(Art)

Hi, everyone, thought I'd mention that I joined Renate Ferro (Managing Moderator of -empyre-) in NYC on Saturday for the Mozilla sponsored workshops at Eyebeam on Open(Art): Creative Platforms for the Open Web.  The workshop opened with presentations by three creative artists who were Mozilla Fellows in residence at HASTAC creating open source apps and software networks for this project.  Toby Schachman presented Pixel Shaders, which is an interactive book, platform, and community centered around harnessing the graphics processing unit (GPU) for artistic purposes. His aim is to help make GPU programming accessible to artists in the same way that Processing for CPU has assisted artists.  BOMfu was presented by Addie Wagenlnecht of Nortlabs and is a collaborative web repository for open hardware projects.  With a goal of enhancing complex forms of open hardware creation, BOMfu aims to increase the ease of use and quality for the "bill of materials" or "BOM"- the list of raw materials required to build a finished product. Finally, after his presentation, we attended the making workshop of Forrest Oliphant where he presented his Meemo project, an HTML5 data flow programming environment with an emphasis on realtime audio-visual manipulation. Using an intuitive visual interface that lets users connect modules together using colorful "wires,"Meemoo lets anyone remix and build apps right in the browser.  We enjoyed experimenting with a number of participants on various animation interfaces through the use of the flexible Meemoo platform, which we recommend for students and faculty early on in the animation experimentation process.  You can access further information about this Eyebeam/Mozilla project at–-creative-platforms-for-the-open-web.

Hope you enjoy. Tim Murray


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These media artists are just terrific, Tim.  Thanks so much for posting.  I love how the social purpose, the art, and the computational science are all continuous--also the outreach to kids and schools, new publishing platforms.  All very STEAMy!