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Greetings, HASTAC! Catch me on Twitter or Steam

I'm a PhD candidate in English at Cornell University working on intersections of race, gender, and sexuality in 19th-century American literature. I am also interested in bringing my critical training to video games and other digital media. I'm excited to be a HASTAC scholar this year since I love experimenting with incorporating digital methods into my pedagogical practices and I'm thinking about how I can combine my 19th century American research interests with my digital hobbies. In particular, I have an idea up my sleeve for a digital project that will combine gaming with my interest in antislavery efforts and 19th century American legal cases.

This year I'm organizing a digital games speaker series at Cornell. I will be livetweeting the talks when they happen and then posting links to the Storify on my blog. The first event in the series was Merritt Kopas's "Ludus Interruptus: How Digital Games Struggle with Sexuality" which was part of Cornell's Conversations in Digital Humanities Series. Merritt is a part of the vibrant community of queer independent games designers and she is known for games such as LIM and Consensual Torture Simulator. Blog post:

Catch me on Twitter (@yao_christine) or message me to get my Steam id!


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