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Bobo - Introduction


My name is Bobo. I'm a first yeard PhD student researching philosophy of human-machine interaction in the Literature department at Duke. I'm interested in machine intelligence, particularly in predictive analytic systems. I'd like to investigate fundamental philosophical questions about souls, subjectivity, etc. with regards to machine systems. I think it's an interesting approach to merge something timely with something classic, and I'm really excited about it!

I spent last year living in Yokohama, Japan on the George Peabody Gardner Traveling Fellowship. I went to Ishinomaki quite often and volunteered as well as shot some film. I am currently editing a short experimental documentary that portrays the devastation of the March 11 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. The film focuses on objects, rather than people.

While in Japan I also raised corporate money to teach a philosophy seminar that linked high school kids in Tokyo with those in Ishinomaki: (flags in the top right change languages). It was an exhilirating, if exhausting, experience!

Currently I'm launching a bi-monthly publication called Occupy America ( The goal is to ask: who are we, what do we want, and how do we plan to get it. I believe scholarship should be public, and this means writing, reading, thinking, and doing both ways - from outside the academy into it, and from inside to the rest of the world.

The publication subscribes to no -ism (it is dogmatically anti-dogmatic), and each Issue focuses on a different theme. The first issue, to be released November, is called "Counter-Attacks." It investigates alternative social movements that are building the world they want to live in, not just resisting the excesses of our current one.

Well that's it for now, I look forward to reading everyone else's posts and getting to know y'all!


PS - If anyone is interested in writing or editing for Occupy America, let me know!


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I might be interested. Where on the WWW can it be read?