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Tiffany N. Florvil's Introduction FSDW15

Tiffany N. Florvil's Introduction FSDW15

To Turn this Whole World Over: Black Women’s Internationalism during the Twentieth CenturyThe volume will underscore Black women's international engagements across the globe.  My contribution to the volume focuses on May Ayim, an Afro-German activist and public intellectual, who helped to co-found an Afro-German organization entitled Initiative of Black Germans or ISD.  Ayim actually helped to initiate the Afro-German movement of the 1980s and 1990s.  In "Feeling Solidarity," I argue that Ayim consciously pursued anti-racist work by employing her literary productions as forms of activism to obtain social visibility and equality for herself, Afro-Germans, and other people of color. Ayim’s emotions and experiences in post-Holocaust Germany and elsewhere shaped her writing, diasporic identity, and activism. Traversing borders, Ayim forged transnational networks that ultimately helped her achieve recognition as one of the most promising Afro-German intellectuals and performers of her generation. In essence, this historical piece attends to the interplay of writing, feminist activism, diasporic identity, and emotional belonging.

I need to send revisions to the editors by July and the editors would like me to situate Ayim a bit more among her peers, especially other women writers. Their comments were pretty minor, but I think the piece could be pushed further.  So in terms of feedback, I am looking for general comments on clarity and style.  Is my argument persuasive?  Does the piece need additional examples?  Does the piece work as a whole or is it missing something?  Does Ayim come across as the main focal point?  If not, what can I do to change this?  How can I push my argument further?  Is there something potentially missing from my narrative and analysis?  Do I explain Ayim's significance enough?  These are just some of things that I am grappling with and would encourage critical feedback from my group. 

I hope this offers enough information. I am excited about engaging in feminist community building and scholarly work this week!


Yah #FSDW15!





Guten Tag!

I'm also interested in Afro-German women's activism, though still know very little about the scholarship. I am a fan of Fatima El Tayeb's work, however, and wanted to share a great video interview with you. Might not be of any help, but your project seems just too cool to not say anything. If I can help in any way, I'd love to!



Dear George,

Thank you for the link and the compliment!  Fatima El-Tayeb's work is fabulous.  I use it along with Michelle Wright, Tina Campt, and others! 

I will keep you posted about my work!


Viele Gruesse!!!