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After Abu Ghraib: Standing By in Silence

At this point in the discussion, it should come as no surprise to learn that an account has surfaced on the free online dating service, okcupid, that appears to have belonged to Julian Assange back in 2006-2007. There's nothing particularly startling in the profile of the person who self-identifies as HarryHarrison--it's a dating site after all, so the convention is braggadocio. The profile pictures are definitely Assange:


Assange, at the center of Wikileaks, is currently in jail in London and fighting extradition to Sweden, having been charged with "sex by surprise" for failing to cease sexual activity when consent was revoked in two separate instances, each involving condoms--the first when a condom apparently failed; the second when it was never produced. The okcupid account is another digital tattoo on the Web's Illustrated Man.

If Assange is guilty of these crimes, he should be punished. (According to the NYT, there is a fine of around $750 for each offense.) But, extradition? No one is buying the story that Sweden has suddenly developed an unshakeable commitment to scouring the globe to bring every Lothario to justice.

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