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The Panda Sneezes: Youth Culture and The Digital Tattoo

On September 29th, Gawker ran a story with the headline:

How a College Kid Livestreamed His Roommate's Gay Sexual Encounter, Possibly Causing a Suicide

This was quite a scoop for the online magazine which self-defines as a "live review of city news and Manhattan culture." A double scoop actually. The story that was breaking in the mainstream media was that Tyler Clementi had been spied on by his roommate Dharun Ravi, who then posted the encounter to the web. Gawker had the same facts but was already on to the question of how, technically, such an invasion of privacy could have been managed. And, having asked the question, Gawker's staff writer Maureen O'Connor pulled Ravi's twitter feed from the web and then shared this screen shot with her readers:


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