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The End of Privacy: A Case Study (Tyler Clementi and Wikileaks)

So, there's Hillary Clinton, newly landed in Kazakhstan, trying to handle the fallout from Wikileaks' release of that boatload of private diplomatic cables. It's a messy business, to be sure.

On the one hand, we're an open society and she's there trying to get Kazakhstan to follow our lead. On  the other hand, all across America there are cries to have Assange's head on a platter. (Rush has publicly called for his assassination.) And then there's the embarrassment of not being able to protect your own secrets and the media frenzy over all the naughty bits. In sum, not a good day.

How best to walk the fine line between the free flow of information and the protection of secrets, the rule of law and the business of clandestine operations? According to the NYT today, Clinton brought up cyber-bullying to make the distinction clear when speaking to students at Kazakhstan's Eurasian University:


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