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Why Educators Need to Think about Wikileaks

What better way to sum up the last couple of weeks' meditations on the transformative powers of Web 2.0 than Wikileaks?

When Paul and I make our presentations on the future of higher education, we begin by stipulating that the dominance of digital media is not inevitable at some future time, but rather is already a fait accompli.

Here's one way to illustrate this fact: a few months back, the New York Times ran an article with a headline that asked: "What Would Daniel Ellsberg Do With The Pentagon Papers Today?" The article beneath the headline doesn't need to answer this question because it is not really about the state of political activism in the 21st century. Rather, it's just another death notice for print media drafted by print media.

This particular instance of hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing was occasioned by Wikileaks' posting live footage from a United States Apache helicopter in the process of gunning down unarmed civilians in Baghdad. Posted to YouTube on April 3, 2010 the footage was viewed, over the next few days, more than six million times.



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