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Race and TEI

Scholars, I need some feedback. Who else is marking up racial elements using TEI? 

Power dynamics stemming from race and gender are the basis of my research within 19th century literature, and I've had difficulty with how to mark race, words and phrases that indicate race without referencing it directly, and racial slurs. I am planning to present a paper on this topic, so I would like to hear how other people have addressed these issues.

I have created labels using the tag <label> and setting a specific value, such as racial slur. I've also run into issues with marking the term Sepoy, which implies race and military position, but also relates a power dynamic. Beyond the logistics of marking these elements, there is also the question of what exactly we are communicating when we mark something in TEI and who is our audience.  



That's an interesting question, Tess, but I'll be surprised if you get an answer here (though I hope I'm wrong). A place where you're more likely to get an answer is the TEI listerv: TEI-L@LISTSERV.BROWN.EDU.


Thanks for the suggestion!