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My name is Tess Habbestad. I am a third year PhD student in the English Department at Texas A&M University. My primary research interest is the intersection of race and gender in Anglophone literature from the end of the long 19th century. My dissertation is going to be a comparative analysis of the portrayal of women of color in interracial relationships in literature set in India, Australia, and the United States. 


My interests in the Digital Humanities are focused on elements of cultural critique. Within my primary research area, I am focusing on the use of mapping technologies to examine potential geographic trends in that literature. In January and February, I plan to map the settings and writing locations for the novels that I am considering for inclusion in my dissertation. I've completed a test case using ArcGIS for the locations mentioned on the first page of each chapter of Seeta, Volume III by Philip Meadows Taylor. I ran into issues with manipulating the image of a map from the 1880's onto a contemporary map as closely as I would like. I also had problems matching the locations mentioned in the novel with contemporary place names. Moving forward, I anticipate using Neatline instead, in order to allow for easier text/map interaction.


The other cultural critique that I am interested in is within Digital Humanities itself. I am interested in how TEI can be expanded to include more nuanced elements of race, as I've found necessary for my own work. I am also interested in interrogating the homogenous nature of the Digital Humanities, and, more accurately the lack of diversity among DH practitioners.  



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