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Geography Group Project / Timeline

From our skype meeting tonight, we hashed out our collective group project idea:

-We will explore the "flavors of geography" which will contain at least 1 blog post from each member about how they are using geography in their research and/or what tools, methods, resources they have utilized. The goal is for the collective posts to be inviting, useful, and even refute that geography is only about "location."

-The google spreadsheet is up and already has some diverse ideas from several members (

i.e. mapping for non-GIS, pedagogical resources for mapping, mapping and media, etc.)

-We've decided that we should utilize Thursdays as our weekly deadline beginning with today:

1/30: skype meeting
2/6: all group members must have filled out google spreadsheet with at least one blog post idea.
2/13: blog post
2/20: blog post
2/27: blog post
3/6: blog post
3/13: blog post
3/20: blog post
3/27: blog post

-Joe will draft up an intro for our "flavors of geography" (working title.. but something like this) series to acknowledge an overarching theme here.



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