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Tell me a story?

Where are you sitting? Or standing? Are you at the bus stop, checking HASTAC updates on your phone? Are you using the 12 year old desktop that won’t die, and still works perfectly? Are you in a diner on your iPad? Mac or PC? iPhone or Android? Are you using a screen reader? Is it warm where you are? Is it Fall, or Spring? Do you listen to music while you work? What kind? How are you? How was your day? Is it hectic with teaching? Did you have to clean out the faculty fridge? Did you get any writing in? Did you find the perfect new book? Are you in the trenches of editing something? How are you feeling about our cohort? How many scholarly cohorts do you feel like you have? Are you on Twitter? Can I add you there? Do you think it is weird that I asked ? What Twitter client do you use? What software do you use for writing? Are you happy with it?

Hi. Hi. It is so good to meet you, HASTAC-ers. You’re my kind of people, I can tell. Curious, hard-working, creative, sensitive, funny – I’m lucky to know a bunch of you already, offline and on, and am looking forward to hanging out with all of you here. This is going to be fun.

I’m currently at my desk at home, enjoying my time on fellowship while intensely missing teaching at the same time. I’ve got thirty open tabs, itunes is playing one of my writing playlists (now spinning: “Runaway,” by The National), and the sunlight is golden over the bright green leaves of the tree outside my window. The cat is taking up four feet of space on the couch, and snoring, while my enormous dog has silently crammed herself into the two and a half feet of space around my ankles. I’ve got three external hard drives by one elbow reminding me to reformat one of them soon, and a stack of books by the other, waiting to be re-shelved. I’ve got a 4x4 foam core board covered in brightly colored notes about my dissertation chapters in front of me.

This is where I'm speaking from. My research is about how people tell stories online, and how and why they’re different than paper-based stories. I’m deeply invested in popular culture, and happy to have just reached my one-year anniversary as a volunteer for the Organization for Transformative Works.



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Oh man you work with OTW? That is super cool!