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Kindle Fire and Reading in the K-12 Classroom

I was looking at the Kindle Fire (HD) and I came across a statement that I thought was a good sign!  It is very valuable for children to be able to read text from a book while also being able to hear it read aloud.  Now the Kindle can automatically do that, in a computerized voice, but the issue is that the the pronunciation and actual voice was a little off, since it is not a real person reading.  For ELLs and other students with low reading levels who need that extra audio support while reading, it is essential they are hearing an immersive and accurate voice reading the text along with them.  The good news is that, at least on the HD and I would guess probably on the regular Fire as well, you can synch an actual voice actor reading the text (from - a subsidiary of amazon) and it highlights what is being currently read!  In this way, a student can follow along exactly on the page while being read to by a real voice actor!  

Here is the exact text I read from :

Experience Immersion Reading

With Immersion Reading, Kindle Fire HD can now synchronize Kindle text with companion Audible audiobooks with real-time highlighting to create a more immersive reading experience, as well as deepen learning and comprehension. Almost 15,000 Kindle books and 15,000 companion Audible audiobooks across a wide array of genres are available.
This feature (below) also seems useful, if it works well, because it makes the text being read more immersive and interactive...does anyone know anything more about this feature, by chance?

X-Ray for Books

Tap on any page as you read to access X-Ray, an easy way to uncover more from the books you love. Instantly find chapters and locations that mention ideas, characters, and important places, as well as background info, biographies, and more from Shelfari and Wikipedia.

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