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A few thoughts

A few thoughts

When I started my first semester of college last fall, I was 20 years old. A lot of college students start their first year of college right after they graduate high school, and I am happy with my decision of waiting. That isn't to say that I hadn't once had dreams of attending college right after high school, or attending a four year university at that. For some people it just isn't that simple, and for others it might not be simple, but they have the drive to do what they have to, to get what they want. When I graduated high school, I was completely lost. I had always wanted to go to college, I just never had the guidance I had been looking for, I never had the help that I needed. Within the two years between graduating, and attending my first year of college I learned a lot about myself, and a lot about being independent. Throughout those two years I started to realized that the guidance I was looking for could be found within my own mind. Over those two years I learned a lot about what it's like to learn things on your own. I stopped waiting for the help and guidance of my parents, and I started to figure things out for myself. I learned many things that I believe I needed to before I attended college. Things like self discipline and time management. Not only that but I feel like I matured a lot in those two years. With all the things that I learn without college, it makes me wonder what college just can't teach us.


What I also realized, is that education is important, but along side that the time that you choose to educate yourself is also important. I think that if I had attended Schoolcraft the fall after graduating, I would have ended up failing. I had my head in the clouds, I was trying to figure out so many different things aside from what I want to do for the rest of my life, I wouldn't have done very much paying attention, and I was still concerned more about what all my friends were doing than what was going on around me. My whole point to all this, is that what about the things they don't teach you in college? In a article that I found listed here, Professor Beverly Flaxington lists 7 things that she wishes everyone could have the chance to learn. Within these 7 concepts she talks about the importance of not wasting your time and energy trying to find someone or something to blame for your problems, how you simply can not wrong all of your rights. Instead of focusing on the things that you can not change, focus on the things that are in your grasp. I am constantly reminding myself to focus my energy towards things that I know I can have a positive outlook on. That's not to say I don't try to fix things that are meant to be fixed. Among this she also brings to recognition that we should learn to solve our own problems, become curious of other people, never stop networking, and share your talents. While reading this it made me realize that although these things are all things that many people already know, they are also things that many people forget. I think that it's important to remember that yes, college will teach you many things that experiences can not, but as Professor Flaxington says at the end of this post "Real learning comes from experiencing the world and seeing your place in it." There is a lot of important things that you must first learn about yourself in order to become successful. We all go through trial and error, and we all repeat our mistakes at some time or another, it's what we have to do to see what works for us, what fits for our personalities. That's not to say that all mistakes aren't' to be made again, sometimes you just make the right mistake with the wrong person. Life has a funny way of making no sense.


Not only are these things that I can apply to my person life, but my academic life as well. There are going to be techniques and stretegiers that are, and are not going to work for me. It applies to everyone, with nearly everything you are going to try in life. Things don't always happen how they are intended  to, but without figuring out what holds us back, it's hard to move forward. If I'm using one formula in algbra, and I keep getting the answer wrong, why would I keep trying to apply it.


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