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Visualization Forum Sneak Peek!

Visualization Forum Sneak Peek!

We have an exciting online forum coming to HASTAC next week. Register now to join the conversation!


In recent years, visualization has become an all-purpose technique for communicating and exploring data within the humanities.  There are a wide availability of tools offering different points of entry from IBM’s Many Eyes to Gephi to Tapor 2.0.  Projects like the Visual ThesaurusMapping the Republic of Letters, and Hypercities, among countless others, all engage with visualization as an integral  part of their scholarship.  Yet, they do so in very different ways and from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives, leaving us to question: what is visualization in the humanities?

Why do we use it? How do we use it? And to what end?

This forum will explore some of the key ideas and problems at stake in beginning to articulate an answer. Taking an expansive view of both visualization and the humanities, this forum will interrogate not only the ways in which tools are used, but also the different priorities and intersections of varying disciplines. Using four broad categories (case studies, tools, theory, and pedagogy) as a loose structure, we hope to encourage an open conversation the will speak to the growing use of visualization for research and teaching across the humanities.

Guest presenters will include:

  • Jeremy Douglass, UCSB;
  • Lev Manovich, CUNY;
  • Elijah Meeks, Stanford;
  • Michael Stamper, Indiana University / Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center


To get your whistles wet, check out these amazing visualizations by Jeremy Douglass, William Huber, and Lev Manovich on One Million Manga Pages.


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