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Facebook Profile Picture Archive Is Up!


You can visit it The Facebook Profile Picture Archive and leave me feedback here. It's still very much a work in progress, and I'm not sure I'm going to stay with Omeka as the CMS, so I'd love suggestions there. I spent a lot of time customizing things and still not having the site (especially the item pages) look exactly as I'd like for them to. Below I've ennumerated some of my, um, challenges.
  1. Dreamhost updated its installation of Omeka two weeks ago; two months after I asked for an update. In the process of trying to get the project to work, I played around with installations on and two different configurations on Dreamhost (so that I would have at least one that worked).
  2. For a class presentation, I had uploaded all the information by hand since the CSV import did not work with that version of Omeka. I had wanted to spend more time on tagging and customization.
  3. For the final project, I reinstalled Omeka on my site, uploaded all the Survey Monkey data, and found that the file batch import didn't work. After uploading 80% of the photos by hand, I received a really helpful email from an Omeka Forum Administrator about using Dropbox instead. I plan to go this route in the future. 
  4. I created an exhibit based on gender, but each child page is limited to 16 photos. I haven't played with the PHP for this page yet, and I'm not sure it's extensible. I might post another question to the forum. Another solution to this problem would be to use tags instead for sorting demographic info and building exhibits that conform more to the "featured item" idea.
  5. Omeka is in beta with version 2. I'm loathe to get to attached to this versio of Omeka if version 2 turns out to do much of what I want since I can easily batch import now, and it should be fairly easy to move my data.
  6. Customization. I altered the view of the featured picture on the homepage (the CSS chopped its height), the display of metadata on the item page, and added Google Analytics to footer.php. I'm sure there's other stuff, but those are the big changes I made.
  7. Making it possible for participants to participate via an embedded survey on the site. Possibly using Google Forms? 
Overall, I'm excited about version 2. I would like to email my library program as a whole, but I know that will skew my demographics (young, library students, living in Indiana). I haven't been using my twitter account much lately, but I'm connected to fair number of DH folks there and maybe I should put the word out on twitter and hope it gets retweeted? (So far I have asked for participation here and on facebook).

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