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Honored to be part of 2013 HASTAC Scholars Cohort

It's a pleasure and honor to be part of the 2013 HASTAC Scholars cohort. I've admired the work of HASTAC scholars from a distance for several years now.  So it's wonderful to be part of this dynamic (and hella smart!) community. I would also like to thank my advisor and mentor, Lalitha Vasudevan for her nomination, continued support, and exceptional guidance over the last three years at Teachers College, Columbia University. I'd also like to send a huge shout out to Fiona Barnett for helping me through the initial process (sorry for all of the emails!). You're hard work and attentiveness have not gone unnoticed!

Formal introductions can be a bit awkward; that said, here goes nothing...

I am currently a third year doctoral student in Computing, Communication, and Technology in Education (CCTE) at Teachers College Columbia University. I have a Master's degree in Women's Studies from Texas Woman's University. I'm also the founder of MEDIA MAKE CHANGE.  In addition to my involvement in academia and social entrepreneurship, I have also worked as a freelance writer for major publications such at Ms. Magazine and I've written extensively about social/cultural issues related to social and digital media and technology. I aspire to better use my work both in academia and in business to improve the communities I wish to serve.

In addition to thinking through methodological and theoretical issues related social media, the Internet, and networking, I would also like to expand my research to include the roles computing technology and mobile media play in the lives of underserved communities. Specifically, I’d like to explore crisis and trauma at the intersection of each: social media, *codework (*codework here refers to computer programming languages, code literacy, and code-as-art), and mobile media. Depending upon how my current project(s) develop this year will determine which specific area(s)--social media, codework, and/or mobile media--I will hone in on for dissertation research.

Having recently experienced hurricane Sandy in New York City, and having had produced work and research related to post-Katrina disaster recovery, for several years I’ve wondered about what I call nurture-networks (particularly those formed online and via social media) as a result of crisis.

Possible (Near) Future Projects

This year (2012-2013) I’ll be working closely with court-involved youth at Teachers College, Columbia University, and as such, I would like to work on a few media and tech-related projects with them, including developing an SMS Textline and possibly a code-as-art workshop. I would like to explore issues of crisis and trauma with these particular young people as we work together throughout the school year. I invite members of the HASTAC community to collaborate and offer feedback on these projects. I'm a novice coder, so it would be wonderful to also connect with, and learn from HASTAC community members who specialize in computer programming languages and Critical Code Studies. I'm also not as well versed in mobile media technology as I am in social/digital media technology, so I would also like to connect with HASTAC members whose expertise and work aligns with mobile media.

With my (seemingly disjointed) interests in methodology, theory, and community practice, I hope to be a valuable resource to HASTAC community members who also take intersectional and interdisciplinary approaches to their work.


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