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Hello! I'm Amy Rupiper Taggart, and I'm about to be a Full Professor at North Dakota State University. I'm also starting to run the General Education program there.

I decided to participate in this scholars workshop because I've been working on a couple of feminist rhetorics projects and just haven't gotten them to the finish line because they haven't risen to the top of the list much. The project I'll focus on during the workshop is a study of breast cancer survivor support rhetorics as they show up in public discussion forums. I'm particularly interested in the kinds of support we give in the context of a disease that is marked feminine and that bodily raises issues of identity connected to gender.

So, I'm excited to immerse for much of the week and see how this network of scholars invigorates and motivates the work. I'm looking forward to learning from many of you!



So funny--I just posted the same thing to your intro. This should be fun!


Hi Amy - your work sounds fascinating and I'm excited to be working with you during the workshop!