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Community Design: Which Way Would We Turn?

            Community Design is big in the 'Green.' We cannot cut out the fact that even though we want to preserve and protect the planet earth as much as possible, we would want somewhere to live, to play, to work, and so on. If these places, for three hundred million people around the world, were not sustainable, It would be hard to imagine how we could sustain the rest and make it work. Hello. It is like twenty seven people of our UIUC Landscape Junior class jumping on a trampoline all at once. Yes, the trampoline would sustain itself.

            However, a sustainable community design is not something that easy. The hardest thing in the community design is that it is hard to satisfy everybody. “Community” is a big place in a way that it has so many people together, and each of them is so much of an individual.

Most of the people understand the concept of sustainability... but in thier own way. If you asked an ecologist, he’d say one thing. And it’s surely going to be different to a middle age offce worker, whose answer would differ from a soccer mom’s or one of a preacher. And the challenge is that: we got to work with them all!

            I guess the sustainability idea should focus more on social side. Why? Humanity sure is big, but not bigger than the nature. We should at least sustain human to live peacefully together and agree on one direction. It doesn’t have to be a one pinpoint but it has to be the same way, so that the ecologist would say something that finally makes the soccer mom nod and adds her point, not shrieking at him about how he would take her front lawn out and let the prairie grow over her sons’ playfield. Then we can talk about sustaining nature.

Informing the community together to make them participate is on of some good ideas to help people take part in community designs. Get the electronic model on and let them so where things would be, then add suggestion, deduct some out, and ask for other possibilities. This way, we will know about how townpeople want to live. Even though it might add processes to the design progress, but it sure will bring the sustainable neighborhood that the community really wants. 


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