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A new HASTAC is coming soon…

The world’s first and oldest academic social networking service is getting an upgrade! The HASTAC staff, with considerable feedback from the HASTAC network, has been working to create an attractive, robust, and more user-friendly online home for our 13,000+ member community.

We’ll be unveiling the new beta site on Tuesday, July 28, 2015. This live-beta will feature:

  • A new look and feel, including a new logo

  • A cleaner homepage with streams of new content, popular user content, and curated content

  • More direct access to content for the entire community, including a less-cluttered homepage and an advanced explore menu

  • Easier ways to join, post, comment, and contribute

  • A simpler, more focused topical system for categorizing, searching, and filtering content

  • A personalized dashboard that automatically compiles information of interest to you

  • Thumbs-up or "liking" utility for posts & comments

Our new site is designed to highlight the amazing content members have contributed over the years and make it easier than ever to contribute and find the content that interests you. We hope you'll enjoy it!

So, what do you need to do?

It's our goal to have the site change be smooth and easy for all of our users. The only specific action you'll have to take on the new site is to reconfirm your commitment to our Terms of Service upon your first login. All content and as many setting as possible will be retained. Usernames and passwords will also remain the same. If you run into any password issues, the reset process is quick and easy.

While we have tried to make the change from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 as seamless as possible, private messages that you previously sent and received from other HASTAC members will not be ported over. If your private messages include content that you need to retain, please back up that information prior to Tuesday, July 28th.

In addition, Drupal 7 has abandoned the concept of automated notifications and optional subscriptions for posted content and authors in order to streamline user experience and reduce unwanted email. Therefore,  existing subscriptions will not port over to the new site, and you may want to retain a copy of your current subscriptions, found in the profile edit area. To retain a connection to your favorite content and authors, we suggest you add the appropriate Topics of interest to your profile and use the follow feature for your favorite authors. This will ensure relevant content is displayed in your Dashboard content stream on the new site.

Additional important information

Content Freeze - Planned for Monday July 27, 2015.

Content on the current will need to be temporarily frozen to allow for a final port of the most recent data to the new site. During this time, which could be as much as 8-12 hours, the current site will be locked in maintenance mode.

If you need access to existing content at that time, we suggest you use a Google search to find it and select the cached copy for temporary access. You can also look up on the Internet Archive, at Our friends at the Duke Libraries have done an astounding job archiving time-stamped copies of the site there with over 90% of current data included.

Site Propagation - Planned for Tuesday July 28, 2015.

Depending on network propagation times, some users may still see the old site immediately after we have switched over to the new site. This has to do with the reaction time of servers across the Internet and how long your particular ISP takes in acknowledging and acting upon the data sent about the site's new location. While this lag can take as long as one day, that's very uncommon and you should see the new site shortly after we switch to the new IP address.

Note: The site may not be available for all or part of these two days depending on your location and the exact timing of our sever updates.

How you can help

HASTAC is a community and we rely on our members to help us identify issues and suggest ways to make the website even better! Please report and bugs or submit questions about using the new site via the Help link  (found at the top-right). You may also use the Feedback link (at the lower-right) to offer suggestions and comments about our live-beta site.


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