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HASTAC's History and Future of Higher Ed initiative featured in Inside Higher Ed

HASTAC's History and Future of Higher Ed initiative featured in Inside Higher Ed

This morning, Inside Higher Ed ran a story about HASTAC's History and Future of Higher Ed intiative, called "50,000 Strong to Change Higher Ed." In the piece, author Carl Straumsheim describes the premise of the networked initiative:

"The MOOC will track the origins of what has become accepted features of higher education, from majors and graduate programs to grades and multiple choice tests, and evaluate new forms of teaching and learning. At the same time, students in affiliated face-to-face courses in disciplines as different as African and African-American studies, gender and sexuality studies, and film studies will contribute to a centralized wiki. The end result could be a massive collection of ideas on how to change higher education."

Read the full IHE story

The History and Future of Higher Education is a multi-institutional, worldwide forum on the future of higher education launching in January 2014. Courses, workshops, seminars, and reading groups will explore all aspects of this topic, on-site and online. Participants will use a group wiki to create a collaborative resource guide for innovations and action items by our individual and institutional partners. A MOOC on the history and future of higher education, beginning Jan. 27, 2014, will extend our reach to an anticipated audience of 50,000 participants worldwide. A colocated course will combine the insights of teachers and students at Duke University, The University of California Santa Barbara, and Stanford University.

Current participants include representatives from CUNY Graduate Center, Schoolcraft College, the COIMBRA Group, Columbia University, MIT, York University (Toronto), the University of Southern California, and Yale University. To read more about what participants have planned for their events, reading groups, workshops, and courses, visit the History and Future of Higher Ed collection

We believe advocacy and responsibility for shaping the future of higher education should be led by those who have the most experience and most at stake in all institutions and forms of advanced learning. The more varied the participation, the more we will learn. Beyond students and professors, we invite other stakeholders to join: administrators, policy makers, foundations and philanthropic leaders, librarians, curators, alt-ac professionals, business and political leaders, K-12 teachers and students, and the concerned public at large. We invite you to join us by contacting Hilary Culbertson, HASTAC Program Manager, at


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