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Imagining and creating the next generation of assessment

Cathy Davidson's latest column "How Do We Measure What Really Counts In The Classroom?" is up at Fast Company's Co.Exist. In it, she digs into both the ancient history and the latest thinking about assessment.  So of course she also referenced the DML Badges Grantee Workshop going on here at Duke today and tomorrow, where participants are working hard to imagine, create, and demonstrate new ways of assessing learning.

An excerpt:

On September 20 and 21st, the 30 recipients of grants from our MacArthur Foundation-Gates Digital Media and Learning Competition will be meeting at Duke to show off how far they have gotten on the badging systems they are creating. One institutional representative and one software systems developer from each team will be there to demo, discuss, learn, and innovate in a group un-conference. The institutions include Intel, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Disney, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, the Girl Scouts, 4 H, Carnegie Mellon, the Urban Affairs Coalition, Microsoft, Boise State University, and several K-12 schools and teachers groups. All are working to find systems that--like eRubric--allow for real-time feedback, peer-contribution to an evaluation system, flexibility, and customizability—all of which inspire learning. They are also looking for ways that their systems can be automated and provide enough consistency that they are meaningful in comparing results within, between, and across institutions.

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