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Howard Rheingold interviews Jonathan Shaw about Coventry MOOCs

Howard Rheingold interviews Jonathan Shaw about Coventry MOOCs

Reblogged from Howard Rheingold's original blog post, "Global Transmedia MOOCs", found here

Virtual community pioneer and author Howard Rheingold recently sat down with Jonathan Shaw - Associate Head of the Media department at Coventry University's School of Art & Design - to chat about the Coventry MOOCs and what Jonathan has done to expand the scope and push the boundaries of photography education.

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Excerpts from "Global Transmedia MOOCs"

"We had a small group of students who I suppose were determined to not think beyond the room they were taught in. We decided to change that dynamic."

"All of our undergraduate students, from the day they arrive, run their own blog. Directly into these classes, we want to encourage
them to use it in a critical way. We use things like Twitter in a way to provide them notes in preparation for meetings, for incoming
speakers, or simply in preparation for one of these classes. The conversation has started the minute they arrive through the door."

"Through this year, we are going to be working with the students to really try to work out what they like -- to see what works and what doesn't -- when they want to be connected and when they don't. It's going to raise the game of our lectures."


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