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Call for proposals & 2011 HASTAC Conference Details

<<<<<Updated June 28, 2011>>>>>>

The University of Michigan will be hosting the 2011 annual HASTAC Conference on its Ann Arbor campus December 2 and 3, 2011.  We invite proposals for presentations on the general theme of Digital Scholarly Communication.  

Due to enthusiastic response to our 2011 HASTAC Conference CFP,  and due to conflicts with summer travels and holidays, we have decided to reschedule the deadline to September 15, 2011. Proposals can be submitted here:

We seek topics which may range over but need not be restricted to the role of digital technologies in:

  • Reformulating scholarly projects and products. (This might include questions of narration and argumentation, evidence and epistemology, interactivity, and/or text/visual presentation.)
  • Re-mapping the routes through which scholarly products circulate.
  • Expanding the digital arts to include the humanities and vice versa.
  • Reshaping the global system of knowledge production in the humanities in terms of access, circulation, exchange and equity within the global north and between the global north and south.
  • Generating new kinds of research and teaching partnerships.


Topics may also include:

  • Copyright challenges and strategies for digital scholarly communication.
  • Web design and digitization of archives for multiple and different constituencies (local communities, global peers).
  • New forms of research, digitally based, in the humanities.

The middle part of the day on both December 2 and 3 will be given over to concurrent sessions. People may present in the following formats:

  •  An individual five-minute lightening talk or ten-minute lecture-style presentation, with or without technology  (e.g., PPT, Prezi)
  •  An individual five-minute lightening talk or ten-minute lecture-style presentation, with or without technology  (e.g., PPT, Prezi)
  •  A poster project or demo for conversation in a digital display area (e.g., YouTube or other presentation format uploaded to conference website; laptop-based video on a continuous loop, slidecast, interactive website; print poster board)


Presenters will have the option of pre-circulating materials on the website before and during the conference. Information on an Unconference event for December 1 forthcoming).


Deadline for submission is September 15, 2011.  Proposals can be submitted here:




Is it possible to propose a poster presentation and lightening talk? 






I don't know the answer to this, but I will ask the higher powers and get back to you ASAP.




Anna Rose Beck

Intern, HASTAC 


What is the expected registration fee for the conference? I need to submit my travel request for 2011-2012 and it would be very helpful to have that information. Thanks!



When will applicants be notified about being accepted or declined as presenters to the December 2011 HASTAC conference?