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2011 HASTAC V Conference: Digital Scholarly Communication

The University of Michigan is hosting the 2011 HASTAC V Conference on the general theme of Digital Scholarly Communication. The conference will take place in Ann Arbor on December 2 and 3, 2011. Keynote speakers are: Siva Vaidhyanathan (The Googlization of Everything), Dan Cohen (Open Access and Crowd Sourcing), Josh Greenberg (Public Digital Display), Dan Atkins (Cyber-infrastructure), and Cathy Davidson (Reading, Writing, Critical Thinking, and Data Mining: Reclaiming the Information Age). Jim Leach, Director of the National Endowment for the Humanities, will speak to the place of digital technologies in the civilizing project of the global humanities.

Deadline for submission is September 15, 2011.  Proposals can be submitted here:

Plenary sessions will take place in the morning and late afternoon of both days. The evenings will be given over to two digital art projects commissioned courtesy of the Mary Kidder Commissioning Fund of the Institute for the Humanities UMichigan and the Andrew Mellon Foundation (which is largely supporting this HASTAC conference). Both will be mounted by major digital artist Paul Kaiser and the Open Ended Group with which he works ( One of these projects will be housed in the Institute's museum quality gallery space, the other in UMichigan's high technology Digital Commons on North Campus. Dinner will be served on the first night at the Institute's gallery, the second at the Digital Commons.   
Paul Kaiser will be also giving the School of Art and Design's Penny Stamps Lecture at the Michigan Theatre on Thursday, December 1 at 5:00 PM.

The mid-section of each day will be given over to concurrent presentations, panels and poster sessions. These sessions will spin the cosmopolitan thread of this year's HASTAC conference by addressing the role of digital technologies in:

  • Reformulating scholarly projects and products (the book, the essay, the textual/visual composite etc).
  • Re-mapping the routes through which scholarly products circulate.
  • Expanding the digital arts to include the humanities and vice versa.
  • Reshaping the global system of knowledge production in the humanities in terms of access, circulation, exchange and equity within the global north and between the global north and south.
  • Generating new kinds of research and teaching partnerships.

The ten-minute talks, poster presentations, You Tube uploads and panels occupying this mid-section of the conference may also address/articulate:

  • Copyright challenges and strategies for digital scholarly communication.
  • Web design and digitization of archives for multiple and different constituencies (local communities, global peers).
  • New forms of research, digitally based, in the humanities.

The HASTAC Scholars will also be at HASTAC V, involved in multiple ways. They will have a special session in the program featuring online HASTAC Scholar Forums and a fuller presentation of Scholar activities in the Poster Projects. They will be blogging and tweeting during the conference while also helping with the YouTube site, and they are assisting in getting out the word about the conference. The Scholars will also participate in the preliminary Unconference, and conference planners envision their work being included in a post-conference publication in the University of Michigan Press series Digital Humanities@digitalculturebooks. The University.
A Website for the Conference will appear in early June. Parts of the conference will be taped and/or streamed. Innovative publication is in the pipeline since the occasion for this conference is a confluence of University of Michigan developments including the formation of a Digital Press under the auspices of the Library.
The Institute for the Humanities is hosting three short-term Digital Humanities Fellows in Fall 2011, all of whom will be involved in HASTAC V: Tara McPherson (Vectors, University of Southern California), Phil Pochoda, Director of the UMichigan Press, and Julie Klein, writer on the digital humanities and member, HASTAC Steering Committee.
On December 1 an unconference will happen.

The UMichigan HASTAC Planning Group has published a Call for Proposals
Stay tuned for more information and details!

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