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Watch the news, act, connect: Fractor Act on Facts

Fractor will be a simple, groundbreaking web application that will match news stories with opportunities for social activism and community service.



Fractor: Act on Facts

Often the influx of daily news can be overwhelming. Disasters, violence, poverty, crime and war are the regular tally. Readers comment on the world being out of control or at least out of their control. They might ask, "What can I do?" In fact, there is much that can be done, and developing a path to the solution is the first step.

This is where Fractor will come into play. "Facts" and "acts" will be organized on a single, intuitive page where every news story will be linked to real-world actions that users can pursue.

Fractor will give news readers the tools to "act on facts." For example, searching for news on an earthquake in Central America might bring up "acts" requesting humanitarian relief such as sending blankets, canned food and medical volunteers to the disaster zone. Similarly, stories about the crisis in Darfur might be paired with "acts" highlighting political action, educational opportunities and fundraising needs.

Once Fractor users have found "acts" that interest them, they complete these tasks in the real world; collaboration on the local level will be encouraged through the sites social networking capabilities, and Fractor users will be able to collaborate to form action groups.

Fractor's goal is to establish itself as the daily news source for news consumers interested in effecting positive change on a local and global level.

With this fresh approach to news aggregation and distribution, Fractor will create new opportunities for active involvement, develop local communities for positive action and raise awareness of global issues. The linking of news with needs empowers users to effect change while simultaneously increasing their desire for news and information.

At its essence, Fractor will encourage the spirit of civic activism and volunteerism that necessarily has its roots in a 'think globally, act locally' approach.

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