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Princeton Laptop Orchestra's First Rehearsal of the New Year

Today was our first rehearsal of the semester, and our first chance to try out all of our new hemispherical speakers. As usual, it was an exhilarating, stressful disaster, and a whole lot of fun. We only knocked over three laptops, but we were able to successfully rehearse three of our "classic" works, thereby introducing a new crop of performers to the ways of PLOrk. We played Dan Trueman's "Droner," Ge Wang's "Clix," and Dan Trueman's "Network Cycler." We also had a number of guests present, including Joy E. Stocke, Editor-in-Chief of the Wild River Review, who plans to follow our progress through the semester and host a blog about it.

We definitely had our share of hiccups today, but we also generated much excitement. The students seemed very enthusiastic, if also at times a bit confused.

We've been slaving for months to get ready for this day. Now as we move forward with an intense semester of rehearsals, learning new pieces, teaching musicality and software instrument building, and other PLOrkian activities, we hope to confront many new challenges both aesthetic and technical with fresh ears and happy hearts.


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