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Global Fund for Children: Sohini Chakraborty of Kolkata Sanved Addresses the Food Security Crisis

The food security crisis has made headlines globally, as communities, countries, and regions across world are impacted by increasing costs of foodstuffs and food transport, as well as poor crop yields and supply disruptions due to climate and crisis. The Global Fund for Children is concerned about this trend and sought to learn how our grantee partners and their community beneficiaries are affected, and how they are coping for the short and long term.

In August of 2008, an online survey was sent to all of GFC’s current grantee partners. Over 100 of our partners from Africa, East Southeast Asia, South Asia, Eastern Europe, the United States, and Latin America and the Caribbean responded. The survey captured a snapshot of how the food security crisis is affecting community-based organizations around the world. As expected, community-based organizations have proven to be entrepreneurial, adaptive, and resourceful in their responses to challenges.

Monica Grover is Digital Media Projects Manager for Global Fund for Children.


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