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The Princeton Laptop Orchestra Constructs New Hemispherical Speakers

Here at Princeton we are hard at work constructing our new series of self-powered, hemispherical speakers, to be completed before the end of the year (!). Code-named "Delorean", our hope is to have a total about about 40 new speakers for upcoming courses, experiments, rehearsals, and concerts. As posted previously, this is part of our continuing effort to shrink the size of our footprint, allowing further portability, scalability, and flexibility.

These speakers are based on a custom aluminum shell design, built in the engineering shop here on campus by Lawrence McIntyre. The Charlize amps come from the folks at DIY Paradise. We tie three of them together and mount them inside, wire them up to a six-channel volume pot and six 4" coaxial speaker drivers from Polk Audio. Each driver is individually addressable, giving us the ability to dimensionally spatialize sounds in one speaker enclosure.

We hope to begin using our new fleet of speakers by the end of January, just in time for a semester full of intense courses, rehearsals, concerts, and quite probably a few disasters.

For more information about our speakers, visit the PLOrk website. We will soon be posting detail tutorials describing how to build your own Delorean speakers, plus a historical overview of speaker building at Princeton.


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