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PLOrk is shrinking!

So, this year one of our main tasks is really to shrink ourselves into a more compact and meaningful ensemble for music, performance, innovation, spatialization, and improvisation.

Who? The Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk).

We are an ensemble of musicians in an educational institution concerned with making compelling music with computers free of the constraints of large PA systems and the inherent disembodiment of sound that results. We are also concerned with moving past the obstacles presented by commercial performance software and its grids, processing methodologies, and compositional constraints.

PLOrk, in addition to hosting its own ensemble of computer musicians capable of working together to render specific musical compositions, improvisations, and other pieces, hopes to train individual computer musicians to work within the same acoustic capabilities as traditional instruments, and to develop ensemble relationships that result in musical communication and collaboration.

One of our current tasks is to scale down the size of our ensemble in order to allow us more flexibility. In addition, we hope to experiment with reducing our dependence on the power grid. We hope to pioneer some wireless performances this year. More to come!


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