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Self-Advocacy Online: Looking Back, Moving Forward

1. What are you most excited about accomplishing so far as a HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition winner? How has winning this award helped your project accomplish this goal?

Development of the social networking feature on our project have been exciting for us and have sharpened our focus on younger audiences within the self-advocacy movement. There has been a slow changing of the guard in many fields, disability rights included, and the younger generations are increasingly web savvy, even those with intellectual disabilities that have been provided with few opportunities to get online and to participate in virtual communities.

2. What are your goals for the next three months?

Over the next three months we will publish a new online lesson on voting for people with intellectual disabilities ("My
Voice, My Vote"); connect the key features of the home site with the site builder template for new sites, allowing those who build their websites to incorporate all key features (learning center, self-advocacy map, social networking, etc.); publish at least four versions (templates) of the Site Builder; pilot our project with three new self-advocacy groups/sites across Minnesota and help them establish their online identities; produce media and interactions for an additional two-three lessons; and continue updating our national listing of self-advocacy groups.

3. Is there any kind of assistance, advice, PR, communications, networking, or any other kind of support from fellow Digital Media and Learning Competition winners or HASTAC staff that could help you with your project in any way?

We will post questions on the DML site as they arise. We would like to have more content online before advertising our site widely, but we'll welcome this support when we're ready.



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