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RezEd: The Hub for Learning and Virtual Worlds

1. What are you most excited about accomplishing so far as a HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition winner?

Global Kids is very excited about the community of practice that has grown daily and developed into a sustainable network since the launch of RezEd: The Hub for Learning and Virtual Worlds in March of 2008). As members continue to join the site, we have become aware of the real need to create such a dynamic hub. RezEd has allowed for individuals across disciplines and digital media interests to not only become informed of one another’s programs, but also to allow the rich resources and active RezEd network to inform their own research and projects.

Members have gained new insight from the specific lessons learned through the best practices featured on RezEd. In addition, the broad expertise in the field that has been made available on RezEd through our bi-weekly podcasts has been phenomenal.


We were excited to see the number of user-generated groups that immediately started forming and growing within days of our beta launch. In the formation of groups and the active discussions taking place across the site, we have been able to see how RezEd is able to effectively serve the needs of an expanding membership- from librarians, educators, and parents to individuals looking to virtual worlds for language learning.

We have watched as members have created educational virtual world tools, specifically as a result of RezEd discussions, while others have contributed to discussions surrounding original research agendas, including the MacArthur Foundation supported University of Southern California’s ...

How has winning this award helped your project accomplish this goal?
• RezEd has enabled us to centralize the breadth of resources and valuable expertise that exists within the emerging practices associated with virtual worlds and learning, and as a result provide extensive support and direction to the practice.

2.What are your goals for the next three months?
• Global Kids plans to launch a print version of the site in September 2008, including a special Ethics and Virtual Worlds piece written by experts who have been discussing the topic.
• RezEd will begin featuring a series of youth voices podcasts that will capture the perspectives of young people around the world and document their experiences in virtual worlds.
• Over the next three months, we plan to increase our membership to exceed 1500 members.

We will also work to move RezEd out of Beta with an official launch of a more robust version of the site.

3. Is there any kind of assistance, advice, PR, communications, networking, or any other kind of support from fellow Digital Media and Learning Competition winners or HASTAC staff that could help you with your project in any way?
• DMLC winners and HASTAC staff can help to promote RezEd's offerings among their networks, as well as provide us with feedback on ways that the site can be improved.
RezEd members can continue to share our bi-weekly updates with others, as this has proven to be very helpful in spreading the word and generating interest.
• We would welcome specific feedback regarding what is most useful on the site and what we can enhance, and advice on other PR channels and networking opportunities would be appreciated.

4. Send visuals: we need photos, vlogs, videos, or testimonials from
your team that emphasizes what winning the Digital Media & Learning Competition means for your project. This can include a three-minute interview with your projects' PI or anything that illustrates progress on your project. We will put these on the Digital Media and Learning Competition Winners' Hub, on the HASTAC YouTube Channel, and, where possible, on the MacArthur Foundation's Spotlight Blog.

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When we first launched RezEd, we met lots of praise from the community!

• Congratulations on RezEd! It is awesome - Lori Bell, Alliance Library System

• I am sure that if we all contribute this will grow to be a very valuable resource indeed. - Westley, from Schoolaborate

• Kick butt and take names man! - Kevin Jarrett

• Jan Herder said: Ning looks like a great aggregator.

• Veritas Variscan said: Congratulations ... you're cookin' with gas...

• Bruce Sommerville said: the RezEd Hub is very impressive, and seems to be literally an overnight success.

• Mark Jeffery said: It's nice to be here. This looks like a great adventure!

• Stan Travena- Today hopefully marks a milestone in Education and Virtual Worlds. Global Kids has launched a new portal for Learning and Virtual worlds. This is a dawn of a new day for increasing the cohesiveness of our community. And success is often a product of effective communities.

• Intellagirl- SLED HUB- The site promises an innovative community of like minded people all sharing the goal of improving education for all.

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