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Making the most of the laptop; American Composers Orchestra videos

Perry blogged about our recent performance at Carnegie Hall, and Iwanted to add links to a couple really cool videos made about the creative process for the piece we played; a version of these (by Jeremy Robins) was actually played in the hall before our performance. One of the things we were pushing on with this piece was trying to get as much physical expressive capability out of the laptop as possible, maximizing the use of the keyboard, trackpad, and, probably most importantly, the built-in accelerometer (which senses tilt and vibration). We were also exploring different ways to organize a "section" of musicians with wireless networking. All of these are major components of our MacArthur/HASTAC initiative. Here are the videos:


There is also a video a new video that just went live today, with interviews with Perry and I, and some discussion about the MacArthur/HASTAC grant.
Last, here is the American Composers Orchestra page about the series. Another video coming very soon, about our recent concert in Princeton (it's live now!).


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