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Fractor: Bringing things into being...

What's really amazing is that just 6 months ago, we went from having an idea on paper for the DML Competition to being able to hire a design & development firm and acquire an office space. So things are moving along and concepts are becoming reality.


Firstly, it's official! We signed our Articles of Incorporation, prepared for us by our trusty attorneys at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft - so we are officially a 501(c)3 corporation now. In about 3 days, we start building the Fractor website with the talented folks at the design & development firm, Helen Marie. This is an exciting move forward and the biggest single contribution that the MacArthur/HASTAC DML Competition funding has allowed us to make happen.
We've been prepping for the start of the site development by building user scenarios, planning testing phases, researching recommendation engines, and working on the business plan and outreach in general.

We're looking forward to seeing what spirals forth and send a nod of appreciation to the supportive folks at the MacArthur, HASTAC and DML Competition hub, with whom networking and finding overlapping synergies
is always a pleasure and will facilitate our current and future outreach efforts to loads of nonprofit organizations which will become the beating heart of Fractor.


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