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Black Cloud: Citizen Science League and Black Cloud Opening at Machine Project

Twelve adorable sensor boxes called PuffTrons arrived at Machine Project a few weeks ago, and were placed around Echo Park in discreet locations. Once activated, they transmitted data about local air quality at Black Cloud's website to create a pollution map of the city.

A team of UC Berkeley mad scientist-types and a group of precocious student-types from Manual Arts High School in South Central Los Angeles presented the PuffTrons' data alongside their own fieldwork in a series of events at Machine Project, operating as the Black Cloud Scientist League.

Black Cloud at The Machine Project took place August 23 and 30 and featured several events:

1. A DIY air quality sensor building workshop in which participants learned to build a basic air quality sensor using an Ardunio microcontroller.

2. A Black Cloud Citizen Scientist League presentation that discussed PuffTrons, research by the Manual Arts High School students, and air quality in Los Angeles. Beloved gelato makers Scoops prepared a special 'Black Cloud' ice cream for the event.

3. A community air pollution mapping event.

Black Cloud's Citizen Science League will set up its next study in Cairo, Egypt!


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