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Henry Jenkins blogs the Hogwarts Dance Party with Global Kids

Recently, Henry Jenkins joined DML Winners Global Kids for an event in Teen Second Life entitled The Hogwarts Dance Party of Good and Evil. Hes blogged about his experience, highlighting the educational aspects of the event.


Jenkins writes:

Some of you may have seen the virtual documentary they produced on the Ugandan child soldiers, for example, or may be aware of their excellent advice on the educational use of Second Life.

Well, they invited me back for a return engagement what they billed as the Hogwarts Dance Party of Good and Evil this time focused around Harry Potter fandom and what it may tell us about the new media literacies. Theres an extensive discussion of Harry Potter in Convergence Culture and ever since, Ive found myself speaking to Harry Potter fan conventions including the Witching Hour in Salem, Phoenix Rising in New Orleans, and the upcoming Portus in Dallas. I am also featured in the documentary, We Are Wizards, which is currently making its way on the festival circuit.

You can find more pictures of the events on Flickr.


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